Dispatches: “Who Can Save Me?” - Domestic Violence and Disability

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By Human Rights Watch 03/08/2016

"... This is how Angela, a 20-year-old woman born with a physical disability, described her husband when I met her in northern Uganda some years ago. When Angela complained to authorities she was advised to stay with her husband. After four months of abuse, she left him. ..."

Read the entire article: https://www.hrw.org/news/2016/03/08/dispatches-who-can-save-me-domestic-violence-and-disability

Robin Huebner Reports: Officer's death highlights need for domestic violence focus, advocates say

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By In Forum 02/28/2016

"... The shooting death of Fargo police officer Jason Moszer after he and others responded to a domestic disturbance Feb. 10 drives home the fact that domestic violence affects the entire community — not just those involved, according to police, prosecutors, judges and victim advocates. ..."

Read the entire article: http://www.inforum.com/news/crime/3957859-robin-huebner-reports-officers-death-highlights-need-domestic-violence-focus

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