Sexual violence law specialist threatens SUNY over affirmative consent

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By Capital New York 02/25/2015

"ALBANY—An attorney who has successfully challenged Ivy League universities’ handling of alleged sexual assaults has vowed to sue SUNY if the university system adjudicates such incidents using a recently adopted "affirmative consent" standard. ..."

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What gender scholars get wrong about the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue

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By American Enterprise Institute 02/23/2014

"For years, women’s groups have complained about sexy SuperBowl ads. Yet, many are hailing this year’s game as a sign of progress. There were far fewer ads catering to the male gaze, and many new ones promoting women’s causes and scolding men for their moral shortcomings. Well, apparently, Sports Illustrated didn’t get the feminist memo. Just a few days after the SuperBowl, its annual swimsuit issue came out. Gender activists were not amused. Are they right to be offended? ..."

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Rape Hoax

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"Rape is a real problem in America. Despite major declines in recent decades, too many persons — female and male — continue to be sexually assaulted each year. Unfortunately, certain groups are attempting to misconstrue and politicize the rape issue in an effort to turn it into an ideological crusade. ..."

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