How To Talk To Kids About Tragic Events

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By CNN 07/08/2016

"(CNN - )After horrific events like mass shootings or attacks by terrorists, parents are faced with this dilemma: What do I tell my kids? How can I talk to them about something so senseless and indiscriminate? About something that we can't make sense of ourselves?

'When we feel ourselves bombarded by images of brutal, ruthless violence and evidence of unbridled hate, the question of how to protect our children is a complex one,' said Dr. Claudia Gold, a pediatrician, infant mental health specialist and author of  'The Silenced Child: From Labels, Medications, and Quick-Fix Solutions to Listening, Growth and Lifelong Resilience.' 'We immediately jump to ask, 'What do I say?' ... "

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Rape Culture, The Hunting Ground, and Amy Goodman: a Critical Perspective

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By Counter Punch 06/24/2016

"The problem of sexual assault and rape culture on college campuses is a serious one, and an even greater one beyond college campuses. Nevertheless, the recent documentary film The Hunting Ground(2015) is at best problematic and at worst counter-productive in its approaches towards evidence and advocacy. Moreover, progressive journalist Amy Goodman’s persistent and uncritical promotion of the film on Democracy Now! has been equally problematic and troubling, both journalistically and politically. ..."


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Wendy McElroy's Latest Books Strikes A Blow Against Rape Culture Hysteria

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By Men's E-News 07/05/2016

"Robert Franklin is a licensed attorney in Texas.  He’s a journalist who has published essays and op-eds in a wide variety of online and print media including the Toledo Blade, Houston Chronicle, Seattle Times and World Net Daily. He is the Former Executive Editor, of the Houston Law Review where his legal writing has appeared.  He is a ‘featured columnist’ and a member of the National Parents Organization, a national non-profit organization. Robert has published poetry in several journals including the Concho River Review and an anthology of Texas poets

Wendy McElroy’s latest book, Rape Culture Hysteria: Fixing the Damage Done to Men and Women should be required reading for anyone wanting to understand “rape culture,” the claim by radical feminists that Western culture encourages the sexual violation of women and girls. ..."

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People With Alzheimer's Share The Memories They Hope To Never Forget

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By A Plus 06/27/2016

" More than five million people in the United States are living with Alzheimer's disease, according to the Alzheimer's Association. They will experience symptoms that cause problems with their memory, thoughts, and behavior that get worse over time. Becoming forgetful can be incredibly hard on both the person living with Alzheimer's and their loved ones

In an effort to help bring awareness to the disorder, Cut Video interviewed people ages 49 to 75 who live with Alzheimer's. 

The interviewees were asked to share one of their first memories, but many of them had a hard time thinking of one. ..."

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