Domestic Violence And Divorce

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By Forbes on 10/25/2016

"... As decreed by Presidential Proclamation, October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. However, because it is often overshadowed by breast cancer awareness and other causes—all worthy in their own right—I’ve come to refer to domestic violence as “the awareness we overlook.” ..."

Governor Wolf Signs Bill Strengthening Domestic Violence Laws

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By PA Home Page on 10/26/2016

"... “By signing this bill, I hope to prevent acts of non-lethal strangulation from later becoming domestic violence homicide and give law enforcement the tools they need to charge abusers to the fullest extent of the law,” said Governor Tom Wolf. “When someone experiences abuse, it does not affect just the victim. It hurts all of us and breaks down the bonds of trust in our communities.” ..."

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Domestic Violence Is A Major Public Health Problem In The U.S.

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By Huffington Post on 10/24/2016

"... For National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, experts on intimate partner violence gathered at The Forum at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health to discuss the factors that put some at risk for domestic violence, the physical and emotional impact of domestic violence on individuals, families and communities, and the annual financial cost ― estimated in the trillions ― from lost productivity, health care and law enforcement. The experts discussed research-backed ways to prevent domestic violence and promote healthy, respectful and nonviolent relationships. ..."

Having lost two children to domestic violence, Lynn Shiner shares her story

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By Time Leader on 10/25/2016

"... WILKES-BARRE — As Lynn Shiner described Christmas Day 1994 when her ex-husband stabbed her two young children to death and then took his own life, many of those gathered at the county’s “Empty Place at the Table” event cried. ..."

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