Domestic Violence Among Elderly

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By 06/08/2016

"BEXAR COUNTY - A 78-year-old man facing charges accused of assaulting an elderly family member.

The latest case in what some say is the city's upward trend in domestic violence cases among senior citizens.

Darian Trotter has more in this Crime Tracker Report.

"Domestic violence is something that affects all ages," said Bexar County Sheriff's Spokesman James Keith.

It's one of the most unusual cases of domestic violence reported in Bexar County.

Both the victim and alleged aggressor are seniors. ..."

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Wagoner Man Arrested On Elderly Abuse, Animal Hoarding Complaints

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By 06/09/2016

"WAGONER, Okla.- Five days after being found in deplorable conditions, one elderly man is finally starting to recover.

Robert Sloan was found inside his home with more than 30 animals and covered in feces, unable to take care of himself.

His son, Michael Sloan, 58, was arrested not long after on complaints of elderly abuse and animal cruelty.

After being taken to a hospital, Robert Sloan is in a nursing home and is in good spirits and health. Fortunately, the dogs and cats he was found with are also on the mend. ..."

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Men's Domestic Violence Refuge Opens In Flintshire

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By BBC 06/09/2016

"The first north Wales refuge for men fleeing domestic abuse has opened in Flintshire.

It is only the second men's refuge to open in Wales, with the other in Monmouthshire.

The two-bed, £35,000 pilot facility will open for 12 months initially.

As well as emergency safe accommodation, men will be able to access legal advice, specialist counselling and therapeutic group work. 

The project, run by the Domestic Abuse Safety Unit (DASU), was created in "direct response" to victims. ..."

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Link Found Between Witnessing Parental Domestic Violence During Childhood And Attempted Suicide

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By EurekAlert 06/09/2016

"Toronto, ON - A new study by the University of Toronto (U of T), found the lifetime prevalence of suicide attempts among adults who had been exposed to chronic parental domestic violence during childhood was 17.3% compared to 2.3% among those without this childhood adversity. ..."

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For My LGBT Community, Terror Isn't New

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By CNN  06/13/2016

"..."That feeling of safety hasn't been lost; it never truly existed in the first place. There is no safe place for LGBT people in this country or around the world. " Sen. Geraldine Thompson said about the mass shooting at Pulse, an LGBT nightclub in Orlando early Sunday morning were 49 people were killed (50 including the shooter) and 50 or more wounded. The Pulse nightclub shooting is the largest mass shooting in U.S. history. ..."

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