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This is a collection of essays regarding domestic violence.


  • When the Bully Is a Sibling, written by Anahad O'Connor, states, "While normal rivalries with siblings can encourage healthy competition, the line between healthy relations and abuse is crossed when one child is consistently the victim of another and the aggression is intended to cause harm and humiliation." 

Teen dating violence

  • Dear Oliviawritten by Beth Morrison, details the benefits of parent-child conversations pertaining to self-love and respect. She tells readers, and parents especially, the importance of informing children about healthy relationships. Her guidance on having age-appropriate conversations with children at a young age will help shape the intimate relationships that they will have throughout their lives.


  • Are you being stalked? by Kim S. discusses how to identify if you are being stalked, and what to do if you are. (added 1/28/05)

Abused men

  • How many know... is a two-page list of information on battered men, by David Fontes. 

  • Violence Knows No Gender, by Bill Kuhl. "Domestic violence against men is the subject of my graduate thesis. From my research, I have come to realize that, despite the increased media attention it has received lately, people still know very little about this form of abuse - especially two of its most common components." (added 11/26/01) 

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