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Primarily for abused men

  • MESA Canada provides information for fathering issues affecting battered men.
  • Menweb contains several articles about domestic violence against men, including an article from the founder of the first modern women's shelter in the world, and several others.
  • The cop and the survivor, a site that deals with the relationship between the police and domestic violence victims.
  • Ontario's infamous Bill 117 essentially gives abusers another tool for abuse: they can claim to be victims, and within a couple of days, seize all the assets of their victims. The burden of proof is on the person accused instead of the abuser.

Primarily for same-sex domestic violence victims

Primarily for abused women

Domestic Violence Resources

  • Common Questions About Domestic Abuse Against Men - Adobe PDF MS Word This flyer serves as a "Q & A" style informational sheet which addresses the need for awareness and services for battered men. It specifically does not focus on promoting the fact that men and women are abused at about the same rate, though it does mention this toward the end of the flyer. The intent is to highlight the lack of resources for abused men which are needed regardless of the prevalence of violence toward them.

  • The Fiebert Bibliography - Adobe PDF MS Word - This document is meant to be a companion to the Research flyer above. If anyone tries to discount the research that shows women abuse men, offer them this - the bibliography cites over a hundred research studies which show women are as abusive or more abusive than men in relationships. This 20-page document is a sure way to combat skepticism of the facts about domestic violence.

  • Getting the Facts: Research About Domestic Violence Against Men - Adobe PDF MS Word - This flyer summarizes some of the research about domestic abuse against men, and focuses on the fact that the ratio of male and female batterers is close to 50/50 - and that women are as likely to instigate violence as men. This is sure to be the more controversial flyer, but the facts will withstand scrutiny. 

  • The SAFE abused men, abused gay men, and abused lesbian brochures, are available for service providers and individuals.


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