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Stop Abuse for Everyone (SAFE) is an organization that provides information, resources, a media campaign, educational brochures, an advocacy program, as well as, expert speakers on an array of abuse topics. We differ from most organizations because we help victims that tend to fall in-between the cracks and have few services available to them.

If you need help finding non-emergency services, checkout our National Resources Directory. If there are not any services provided near you, try contacting your local domestic violence service provider, the Domestic Violence Hotline, or the Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women.

If you are in immediate danger, dial 9-1-1 for emergency response.

National Directory

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We are working on building a National Directory of Services for men, the disabled, the elderly, gay/lesbian/bi/trans, immigrants, teens, and more. If you have any shelters you would recommend, please contact us.

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For information about scheduling a presentation for your group, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
national affiliate networkNational Affinity Network

Local affinity groups are what really make the biggest difference to the victims who need them!

Stop Abuse for Everyone (SAFE) launched its National Affinity Network in July 2013. The purpose of the network is twofold: to facilitate the creation of local groups in communities with an interest in providing information, a hotline, support groups, education on the issues, advocate for more services in your area...and to support and assist all victims of family abuse. SAFE will assist in providing information and resources needed to form groups to join our network. Acting independently, many such local groups throughout the country have already established themselves as respected advocates for domestic violence issues within their communities.

While the Network has been an important element of SAFE's program plan since its inception, the stimulus for fast-tracking its implementation has been the apparent need for it; since its launch, SAFE has been contacted by a number of individuals throughout the country who have either participated in the development of such groups or wish to initiate one



readingNumerous informational brochures are available for community outreach.


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New SAFE shirts coming soon! All proceeds fuel our movement to stop abuse for everyone.

Campus Sexual Assault Issues

Learn about the new Campus Sexual Assault Issues that everyone should know about.  Coming soon...

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